All photography provided by Leighanne Rayome

About The Bad Broads

The Bad Broad Collective is a Denver women’s art collective and group of female artists who want to promote other women in art and bring our artistic abilities together to share it with the world. We want to bring together others with our same passions doing art shows and collaborations. We do monthly meet ups and classes you can hear more about in our monthly newsletter.

We started this Denver women’s art collective and group of female artists at 2 in the morning in a coffee shop with dreams of creating an environment where other artists can feel supported and help each other learn new mediums. Our goals are to be able to create a community where artists can share what they have with the world, we wanted to provide the tools and the resources to be heard and seen for what we can create.

As a Denver women’s art collective and female artists group, we want to inspire and create. We want to build a community where other female artists can come and share their art, not only with other artists, but within their own communities.

McKenzie Neubert and Leighanne Rayome.

Founders of the Bad Broad Collective.